Gabin is THE unmissable dress from the Rouje wardrobe. Jeanne’s crush, the timeless piece that makes you look like a real Parisian. With its flowing wrap cut and its pretty vintage and breezy look, Gabin highlights the waist and enhances the silhouette. It can be worn at the office, after midnight, or for a breakfast in bed on Sundays. It goes with everything and never says no : some cute basket, a touch of cosy cardigan, a dash of red on the lips and stunning sandals at your feet et voilà. The very definition of French style.

Because wearing Gabin, just Gabin, is enough to make an impression. And also because with Gabin, you can’t help but taking a gander at your reflection in every single mirror that you bump into. Its perfect shape makes you a bit narcissistic.

Why we love it?

The inspirations

The 60’s carefreeness, the lazy afternoons at the square Gardette, the casual leg sunbathing on a Parisian terrasse de café, the look of treasures found in thrift shops, Jean Gabin’s class in Gueule d’Amour, and the familiar softness of clothes you’ve worn a lot because you love them so much. 

Navy polka dots

Red daffodil

Black daffodil

Mini anis dots

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Gabin on you

Red flower print

Green flower print